Pays for itself with the first serious bug

HypoFuzz upgrades your testing workflow, from run-and-done to an ongoing search for bugs.
Ship faster without breaking things - or breaking the bank on your testing effort.


$99 / mo

Hypothesis helps you deliver reliable code. Save one hour, and HypoFuzz pays for itself.

Unlimited use for one user.

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$249 / mo

Works seamlessly across CI, shared fuzzing servers, and everyone's dev machines.

Unlimited use for up to 20 users.

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$999 / mo

What do you spend on testing every month? Smart fuzzing can move the needle.

Unlimited use for up to 250 users.
( get a quote for larger enterprises)
Concierge onboarding.

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By paying the subscription fee, you agree to the terms of service. Then, follow the quickstart guide and start fuzzing!
If you're ever unsatisfied, email us to cancel and we'll fully refund your latest subscription period.

We also offer a range of custom services to complement the HypoFuzz subscription:


As core developers of Hypothesis, we can help improve your testing at every stage from planning, to implementation, to code review - and that boosts developer productivity as well as the effectiveness of regression testing and fuzzing.


Zac often speaks at conferences, and can deliver anything from seminars to intensive one-on-one mentoring. Get in touch to discuss customised training for your team.


Our standard plans do not include an SLA for email support, or third-party source code escrow. If these services are important to you, contact us for a quote.

Non-commercial licenses

If you would like to use HypoFuzz on a non-commercial open source or research project, please contact us for a noncommercial license.